do something nice for the london riot mugging victim

According to PRI's The World, a new website has been set up for Ashraf Haziq, the Malaysian student who was beat up and robbed during the London riots: Website Offers Help for Malaysian Student Beaten up and Robbed by UK Rioters.

The infuriating video, which shows him injured and bleeding, then robbed by the guys who pretended to come to his aid, has been circulated widely and struck a nerve with a lot of people.

Some concerned British folks would like to do something nice for Ashraf "to show him and his country that only a tiny minority of us are scumbags": Let's do something nice for Ashraf Haziq.

To get involved:
1. Vote in the poll below for something that you would like to do (we're also going to ask him what he would like when he feels up to it)

2. Donate a couple of quid using the PayPal button on this page. We will have a JustGiving page set up in partnership with an existing charity later today (Thursday). If you'd prefer to donate through that then wait until lunchtime-ish when we should have it ready.

If there's a surplus of cash left after we've done something nice for Ashraf then it will be spent on other London riots related causes.
Poor guy. Ashraf walked away with a broken jaw, which will require an operation, but he's okay. He apparently had only arrived in London a couple of days prior, only to be greeted with a punch to the face. Pretty shitty welcome. More here: YouTube mugging victim had dreamed of studying in Britain.

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