suspect in san jose double murders shot and killed by police

Last week in San Jose, police shot and killed a man suspected in the murder of two former San Jose State University Students last week. According to authorities, the killings were not random and the victims were apparently targeted: Man whom cops killed Oct. 10 was suspected of slaying 2 near SJSU.

23-year-old SJSU student Ricardo Moreno was shot and killed by police on October 10 when he pointed a gun at an officer. At the time, they didn't know that it was the same gun used to kill Eric Otokawa and Kristina Pandula just two days before. This week, police revealed the connection:
Police still don't know why Moreno killed Eric Kenzo Otokawa, 21, and Kristina Lynn Pandula, 20. They were found dead Oct. 8, with bullets to the back of their heads, at Otokawa's apartment on Third Street.

Cavallo said the two men knew each other from buying and selling drugs. Moreno, a senior psychology major, had bought drugs from Otokawa, police say. The two had met in the dorms last winter and "partied" together.

Pandula, a Delta Gamma sorority sister studying to become a nurse, "was more a victim of circumstance," Cavallo said. She was Otokawa's girlfriend, he said, "and she got caught." The couple were not presently enrolled at San Jose State, instead taking classes at community colleges.
According to the District Attorney's office, they would have had enough evidence to file murder charges against Moreno. Police now believe the motive to kill Otokawa and Pandula -- his former friends, apparently -- had something to do with drugs. It's tragic, but at least they've identified the killer. More here: Drugs cited in San Jose State couple's slayings.

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