jason statham saves the asians again in safe

Oh boy. Here's the new poster for Safe, starring Jason Statham and his giant head. It sort of speaks for itself. The movie is about a washed-up cage fighter who steps in to protect a 12-year-old Chinese girl from dangerous underworld gangsters, putting himself in the middle of an all-out war between the Triads, the Russian mob and corrupt NYPD cops. Yay. Take a look:

And here's the trailer:

If you just can't get enough movies about white people saving helpless Asians, then Safe certainly looks like the movie for you. Another winner for Jason Statham, who pretty much plays the same guy in every movie he's in. (See The Transporter for more Jason Statham-saves-the-Asians action.)

Safe, which also stars James Hong, Reggie Lee and Catherine Chan as Mei, opens in theaters on March 2.

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