casting call: "high-achieving" asian teen on supernatural

Got another casting call passed along to me, this time for the CW show Supernatural...

They're looking for Asian teen to guest star on an upcoming three-episode arc as "K. Tran," a "brilliant, high achieving teenager." Take that to mean whatever you want.

It looks like they've left open the character to be either a guy or a girl (does it not matter, as long as he/she is Asian?). Here are some more details:
SUPERNATURAL, Episode #721, "Reading Is Fundamental"
Network: CW
Executive Producers: Robert Singer, Sera Gamble, Phil Sgriccia, McG
Creator: Eric Kripke
Director: TBD
Writer: Ben Edlund
Casting Directors: Robert J. Ulrich, Alex Newman
Shoot dates: 3/15-4/18 (dates are for all 3 episodes)
Location: Vancouver


[K. TRAN] ASIAN, Please submit BOTH Male AND Female teenagers. (actors must be 16 years and over to play 15). A brilliant, high achieving teenager, his/her world is suddenly turned upside down when he/she unwittingly becomes a prophet of sorts. RECURRING GUEST STAR, Three episode arc appearing in 721,722 and 723
If you're an actor in the know, and you fit the bill, you've probably already had your agent submit for this. That said, I hope whoever gets this part can create something cool out of this opportunity. I guess we'll see. (Thanks, Edward.)

UPDATE: I should explicitly say that if you're an actor who's interested in the role, I don't know how to submit for this, so please don't bother asking me. Hopefully, your agent is doing his or her job and you'll get a shot.

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