northwestern university students targeted with eggs and racial slurs

Oh hell no. On Monday night, two students at Northwestern University reported being verbally assaulted with racial epithets and having eggs and a water bottle thrown at them: Two NU students made targets of egging and racial slurs on tennis courts.

The students, Sasijaree Rianterawongs and Priyanka Seshadri, were at an outdoor tennis court when someone started throwing eggs at them before running away. Later, the assailant -- a white male, apparently -- got out of his car to throw an open filled water bottle at them and shout, "Fuck you, Asians."
"We were getting ready to leave [when] a car pulls up by Colfax," Rianterawongs said.

Rianterawongs identified the car as the same car she briefly noticed circling the block before the first egg landed. She noticed the same blue color and SUV-like build. Rianterawongs said the car had been circling at parking lot speed.

At that point, both said a man got out of the car and shouted, "Yo, bitch," before the water bottle flew at them and landed by them. Then the man shouted, "Fuck you, Asians."
What the hell was this? Some asshole with a carton of eggs, getting his hate on with Asians at the local park. Yes, this was a hate crime, plain and simple. What makes me particularly furious is that it happened at my alma mater.

Unfortunately, it doesn't sound like police have much to go on. The egg-throwing racist is described as a white male with an athletic build, wearing a purple shirt with white numbers on the back. Maybe another student? They don't know. More here: Students report getting egged, racially insulted at tennis courts.

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