the potstickers trailer(s)

Came across these short trailers the other day and was amused... The Potstickers is described as a web series about "a group of geeky teenagers trying to survive high school with slightly deleterious consequences." Okay, sure, I'm down for that. There's not a lot happening in these videos, but they cracked me up. Take a look:

Even if you didn't find this amusing as I did, at least they're short. Here's a more detailed description from The Potstickers Facebook page:
Meet Ben, a fifteen-year old kid struggling to keep his hormones in check, who wants to get closer to the love of his life, a girl named Fanny. He is stuck with the same friends - GK and Alec - since pre-school, plays video games late into the night, and can’t carry a conversation with the opposite sex. Plus, he has an annoying older brother who is a bit too helpful. In the hopes of getting Ben closer to Fanny, the three boys hatch a plan to crash a party with some slightly disastrous consequences.
I'm intrigued. When do I get to see more?

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