suspect arrested in sexual attack at university of texas

A couple of days ago, we heard that awesome story about the badass jogger who fought back against some teenage gropers. Unfortunately, on the other side of things, we get a story about this creepy dude in Texas...

This week at the University of Texas, police arrested a man accused of attacking a woman at her campus dorm: Suspect arrested in UT sexual attack.

21-year-old Ji Hun Choi is accused of following a woman for several blocks then trying to grab her when she stepped into her dorm -- all while recording the attack on his cell phone. Fortunately, she was able to fight him off:
Police accused Choi of grabbing a woman from behind after she stepped foot inside Roberts Hall late Saturday night. She was able to fight the man off by elbowing and kicking him.

Originally, officers said the suspect would be charged with attempted sexual assault. But police decided to go with a lesser charge, citing it did not meet the criteria. He was charged with assault causing bodily injury -- a Class A misdemeanor -- and improper photography, a state jail felony.

In an arrest warrant affidavit issued Tuesday, police said Choi acknowledged touching the woman without her consent or knowledge and taking photos of her from behind. He also said he had taken pictures of other women, but would not say whether he had touched them, police added.
Based on what he admitted to police, the guy sounds creepy as hell. And according to the cops, Choi might actually be connected to other similar crimes on campus: UTPD: Suspect targeted other women.

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