spoken word: "lin 467 to the future" by bao phi

A couple of weeks ago, I posted Lin. Sanity., a great spoken word piece by Giles Li, talking about what's so darn great about Jeremy Lin. Turns out, it was part of a spoken word trilogy. Here's part two: Lin 467 to the Future, written and performed by the incomparable Bao Phi. Video by Joua Lee. Take a look:

Some more info about the piece, in Bao's own words:
This poem and video was originally conceptualized at the height of Linsanity as one in a trilogy -- the first, "Lin. Sanity" by Giles Li and Ash Hsie, was posted last week. "467" alludes to the rank Jeremy Lin had in the NBA prior to Linsanity. When Jeremy Lin went down with an injury, the whole plan was put indefinitely on hold. The recent (and baffling) vitriol that sports media outlets have thrown Jeremy Lin's way escalated the timeline. Thank you to all involved in making this video, and keep an eye out for another video in the trilogy (July 27, 2012)
Part three coming soon...

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