stuntman ilram choi puts the amazing into spider-man

Have you seen the new Spider-Man? Meet the man behind the mask. Oh, you thought it was that dude Andrew Garfield? Nope. Meet Ilram Choi, one of the real guys behind the mask: Secrets Straight from Spiderman's Stuntman.

In this clip, Yahoo's Michael Yo talks to Ilram Choi, one of the seasoned stuntmen working behind the scenes on The Amazing Spider-Man, who put on that skintight Spidey suit and made the dangerous stuff look easy:

So when you watch the movie, just know that it's an Asian man putting some that Amazing into Spider-Man. For more information on stuntman/actor Ilram Choi, check out his official website here.

UPDATE: I actually heard from Ilram Choi, who wants to note that it was a team effort. He was actually one of three stunt doubles on The Amazing Spider-Man -- Ilram, David Elson and William Spencer. Just giving credit where it's due!

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