justin lin in talks to direct los angeles riots movie

This year marked the 20th anniversary of the Los Angeles Riots. For better or for worse, it's a little surprising that no one has attempted to make a big studio movie about the uprising. But perhaps Justin Lin is the man for the job.

According to Vulture, the Fast & Furious director is reportedly in talks with Universal to direct L.A. Riots, a drama about the beating of Rodney King and the acquittal of four LAPD officers that sparked the deadly and destructive 1992 riots: Universal in Talks With Fast Five Director Justin Lin for Rodney King Film, L.A. Riots
Twenty years have passed since the acquittal of four LAPD officers charged with beating Rodney King touched off riots that killed 53 people, injured 2,000, and cost $1 billion in property damage, but Hollywood may finally be getting around to telling its version of the story: Vulture hears exclusively that Fast Five director Justin Lin is in negotiations with Universal Pictures to direct L.A. Riots for Imagine Entertainment principals Ron Howard and Brian Grazer.

The project had first been set up at the studio half a dozen years ago with director Spike Lee, with a script from Red Tails screenwriter John Ridley, but it's unclear if Lin will be using Ridley's draft or starting anew. (Seeing as this year's sleeper Red Tails was originally intended for release the same year as the L.A. riots, we're not recommending anyone hold their breath.)
This could be very interesting. It will definitely require a sensitive hand. But for folks who are only familiar with Justin's knack for flashy car chases, do note that he also knows a thing or two about drama. (See Better Luck Tomorrow.)

That said, I'm just wondering when he'll have time to actually make this movie. He's already attached to direct adaptations of Chinglish and Lone Wolf and Cub, and just started production on the sixth Fast & Furious movie. Whatever the case, if L.A. Riots actually gets made, it's probably a long way off.

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