new music: city beautiful ep by adam warrock

Check it out. Some new music from the mind of emcee Adam WarRock, who make smart hip hop for the pop culture savvy. He just dropped his latest EP, City Beautiful, a more personal and introspective album, with beats by Rob Viktum. He describes it as his "least nerdy" album, and I'm digging it. Here's the music video for the title track:

Preview the album:

And here are some of Eugene's thoughts on the album:
I came back from almost two years of touring and fell back in love with my hometown of Memphis, TN. With the warm, soulful backdrop of Rob Viktum’s amazing beats, I started making an EP for the winter of 2012, knowing that I wanted to maybe be a bit more personal, a bit more introspective. I mostly just felt my way through these beats and out came City Beautiful, what I view to be an album of me talking about the past, talking about the future, and talking about why home is, for maybe the first time in a long time for a ton of reasons, an almost wholly good thing. I invited some of my best friends in the nerdcore scene, and asked them to be on my “least nerdy” album, and if you ask me, I think they all destroyed it. So here’s City Beautiful, an album about coming home, again, for the first time in a lot of ways.
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For more from Adam WarRock, who is constantly posting lots of of new music and free tracks, check out his website and follow his updates on Facebook.

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