"Vigilante Grocer" to receive Canada's Diamond Jubilee Medal

Remember David Chen? He's the Toronto Chinatown "vigilante grocer' who was arrested in 2009 for taking matters into his own hands and tying up a a repeat shoplifter. He was eventually acquitted, and became the inspiration behind the Conservative government's "citizen's arrest" law.

Next week, Chen will receive a Diamond Jubilee Medal, which honors significant contributions and achievements by Canadians. It will be a great day for the owner of the Lucky Moose Food Mart: Chinatown grocer who chased down thief to receive Diamond Jubilee Medal.

Chen, the inspiration behind the Conservative government’s “citizen’s arrest” law, will receive his medal on Jan. 12, joining 60,000 Canadians to be so honoured for making “a significant contribution to Canada.”

By his side at Chen’s third meeting with Prime Minister Stephen Harper will be a few happy friends and family members, and Chi-Kun Shi, the lawyer that has stood by him through his initial arrest, trial and acquittal and his subsequent testimony to the Senate committee.

The law, which came into effect last June, empowers a private citizen to arrest a suspect when caught red-handed, or within a reasonable time afterwards, if the option of using police has been ruled out.

It also allows people to take “reasonable” actions to protect themselves, their family and their property. It is up to a judge to determine what is considered reasonable in the circumstances.
After he gets the medal, I think he should wear it around the store.

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