Planes, tanks and automobiles: first look at Fast & Furious 6

The best commercial that ran during the Super Bowl XLVII? Fast & Furious 6, of course. We got our first look at the highly anticipated sixth(!) installment of the blockbuster auto-action series, directed by our old friend Justin Lin. Call me biased, but any trailer that features a speeding car bursting out of a speeding airplane hull is all right by me. And there's more where that came from. Take a look:

This one reunites all the usual suspects from Fast franchise. Last time we saw them, Dom, Brian and the rest of the gang were on the run from lawman Luke Hobbs. This time, we find both sides joining forces to stop a squad of lethally skilled mercenary drivers. And then there are car chases.

UPDATE: More footage in the extended first look:

Fast & Furious 6 opens in theaters everywhere on May 24. Here are some screenshots:

The gang's all here.

Including Gal Gadot as Gisele and Sung Kang as Han, who's going to live forever.


There are flying cars.

There are flipping cars.

There's a car that flips cars.

There's a tank.

There's a speeding, exploding airplane.

There's a speeding car exploding out of a speeding, exploding airplane.

Oh snap. Guess who's not dead?

Watch your back.

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