The Worst Movie Trailer I Have Ever Seen: The Sequel

The laughably awful feature film Birdemic caused a stir for all the wrong reasons, achieving instant cult status before anyone even saw it, based on the epic, so-bad-it's-awesome quality of its trailer gone viral.

So how does writer/director James Nguyen, the self-proclaimed "Master of Romantic Thrillers™," follow up his craptastic cult classic? With an even worse one. Behold, the fantastically terrible new theatrical trailer for Birdemic 2: The Resurrection. Yes. You're damn right there's a sequel. Take a look:

I know -- you're wondering what the hell you just watched. Visionary director, indeed. I wasn't sure if they'd be able to top the incredible steaming pile of the first Birdemic, but this looks pretty amazing too. And dammit, it comes with an important eco-message for us all. It's a gift.

For further information about Birdemic 2, visit the movie's equally crappy official website. Enjoy.

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