Federal authorities shut down Fung Wah bus line. Forever.

Last month, federal authorities halted operations of Fung Wah, citing major safety concerns after the discount Chinatown bus company failed multiple state and federal inspections. Being crafty, Fung Wah reportedly found a way around the federal order by contracting outside charter buses to transport passengers.

But alas, Fung Wah was permanently shut down with a new order last week, by swift decree of the U.S. Department of Transportation's Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration: Feds Issue 'Imminent Hazard' Order For Fung Wah Bus Line, Order Immediate Shutdown.

The agency's investigation found widespread evidence of safety problems that put "drivers, passengers and other motorists in danger of serious injury or death." In other words, Fung Wah was crazy unsafe:

Following a month-long investigation, the FMCSA found evidence of significant safety problems and dangerous conditions on Fung Wah’s buses. According to the agency, the bus company failed to inspect, repair and maintain its vehicles and falsified inspection records. Fung Wah also failed to ensure its drivers were qualified and failed to meet drug and alcohol testing requirements, according to federal investigators.

These violations left Fung Wah drivers, passengers and other motorists in danger of serious injury or death, according to the investigation’s findings.

Fung Wah’s entire fleet was taken off the road in late February after Massachusetts inspectors found various problems, including cracked bus frames. Its operating license was pulled shortly after, when the company allegedly stopped cooperating with federal safety inspectors.
Looks like you'll have to look elsewhere for your dirt cheap one-way fares between New York and Boston. Fung Wah could conceivably get back in business if undergoes a major overhaul of its drivers, vehicles and policies. But that s%*t costs money -- how do you think they were keeping prices so low in the first place?

More here: Feds Shutter Fung Wah For Good, Say Violations "Substantially Increase The Likelihood Of Serious Injury Or Death."

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