They're All So Beautiful: webseries explores "Yellow Fever"

They're All So Beautiful is the five-part companion web series to Debbie Lum's feature documentary Single Asian Female, exploring the phenomenon of "yellow fever." Yes, you know it. To put it gently, the "ubiquitous predilection Western men have for women of Asian descent." To put it bluntly, that gross-out fetish when dudes have an unhealthy obsession with Asian women. Chances are, you've met or know someone like this.

For some, this will be a tiresome conversation.

The series features talking head commentary from experts and everyday Asians/Asian Americans, as well as interviews with patrons of Asian fetish forums, who spell out the implications of race-based romantic preferences with honesty and humor. It will provoke, frustrate, intrigue and challenge you. Here's episode one, which poses the inital question, What is "Yellow Fever"?

I don't think the first episode goes anywhere particularly groundbreaking -- some of those dudes get a serious eye-roll -- but here's hoping future episodes attempt to dig a little deeper. New episodes drop every week. For further information and updates, and to join in on the conversation visit theyreallsobeautiful.com.

Seeking Asian Female premieres on the PBS series Independent Lens on May 6, 10:00pm ET. Check your local public television station schedules for exact times and dates.

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