News anchor has the worst first day ever

Ah, you gotta love those small-market local newscasts. Check out this video clip of A.J. Clemente's momentous first night on the job as anchor for KFYR, the NBC affiliate in Bismarck, North Dakota. Things did not go well. The first words out of his mouth -- on air -- were "fucking shit," as co-anchor Van Tieu sits there next to him in horror. Let's go to the tape:

The folks at KFYR were not cool with that awesome little slip of the tongue, so A.J.'s first day on the job quickly became his last day on the job. Clemente was suspended, then eventually fired. He had a good run. Van Tieu opened a later broadcast, by herself, with the station's apology.

Don't worry, A.J. I'm sure your new internet notoriety will help get you another job in no time.

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