Reporter/Bride covers China quake wearing wedding gown

I've been on the road for the better part of the last week, so I haven't been able to follow some of the major news stories very closely -- including the huge 6.6 earthquake that struck southwest China, killing nearly 200 people and counting. So why is this reporter wearing a wedding gown while reporting on the quake? Because when an earthquake strikes -- even on your wedding day -- duty calls.

TV reporter Chen Ying was off-duty, apparently on route to her wedding ceremony on Saturday morning when the earthquake struck. But Ms. Chen takes her job seriously, and jumped into action, reporting the story on-camera while still wearing her wedding dress. I wouldn't be surprised if she enlisted the help of the wedding videographer. Here's video of her intrepid reporting:

That is some friggin' dedication to your job -- I'm guessing it wasn't just a matter of delaying the ceremony for a couple of hours. No word on whether she set a new date. Call it a moment a sight of surreal levity in the midst of an awful disaster. More here: Reporter Covers China Earthquake While Wearing Wedding Dress.

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