Take that, racists: Eat at Joe's (formerly Chink's Steaks).

We recently learned that Joe's Steaks & Soda Shop, the Philadelphia eatery formerly known as Chink's Steaks, has been hit with declining business in the last few months since owner Joe Groh's decision to change the racially-charged name and logo. I guess racist cheesesteaks taste better, or the old racist name was the only thing that kept racist customers coming for all those years.

What's up with that? Groh finally gets around to doing the right thing and he gets punished for it. Realizing how much that sucks, folks are organizing an "eat-in" this Saturday at the steak shop. If you're in the Northeast Philadelphia area this weekend, why not show a little appreciation and chow down on a steak served without racism. Here's the Facebook event:

Eat at Joe's

Saturday, August 10, 2013
11:45 am EDT

Joe's Steaks + Soda Shop
6030 Torresdale Ave
Philadelphia, PA

Columnist Stu Bykofsky says Joe's Steaks has lost business since making the (entirely correct) decision to change the name from "Chinks Steaks." Apparently the establishment's customers liked their steaks "wit" racism. It's worth a trek up to the neighborhood to buy a steak and a shake and affirm that Joe's good choice can also be good business. Let's not let the racists win...
After operating six decades as "Chink's," the restaurant endured a lot of criticism, protests and angry requests to the owner to change the name, until he finally caved in earlier this year. And now the old racist regulars are boycotting Joe's over the change? That is messed up. Do not let the racists have that satisfaction.

More here: Eat at Joe's: How to Show Your Support For a Less Racist Cheesesteak.

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