Introducing 'Angry Asian America' on ISAtv

I'm on the YouTubes! New web talk show with co-host Jenny Yang

All right! This has kind of been a long time coming, but I'm pleased to share the premiere of Angry Asian America, my brand new web talk show with the fine folks at ISAtv. Each episode, my co-host Jenny Yang and I will be talking about news and culture from the APA community, plucking stories from the blog to discuss with special guests. For this inaugural installment, we're joined by two of my favorite people, Phil Wang of Wong Fu Productions and Jen Wang of Disgrasian. Check it out:

Thanks for watching!

Okay, it's the first episode -- we're aware that it's still a little rough. There's room to grow. I'm new to this YouTube thing, all right? Personally, I'm pleased and proud of this new project, and looking forward to further fine-tuning and seeing where it goes. Mad thanks to Jenny, Phil and Jen, plus Peter Hong of Studio 5A and all the great folks working behind-the-scenes at ISAtv, and especially Dan Matthews for bringing it all together.

The plan is get new episodes out every first and third Tuesday. Subscribe to ISAtv for further updates.

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