NPR invited New York to jam with them. Here's what happened.

Sunny Jain and 350 musicians showed up to make some noise on the steps of the Brooklyn Public Library

What happens when you gather 350 musicians -- meeting and playing together for the first time -- to perform a brand new composition on the steps of the Brooklyn Public Library? You get an awesome, crazy-fun big-ass jam.

What Happens When 350 Musicians Meet For The First Time In Brooklyn?

To celebrate the annual Make Music New York festival, NPR Music commissioned a new piece, "100+ BPM" by Sunny Jain or Red Baraat, and invited musicians to turn it up and take part in a massive, marching-band-style world premiere. About 350 people showed up, instruments in hand, on the library ".

Here's what happened:

Looks like it was a hell of a time. For more information about Sunny Jain and his music, check out his website.

More here: Making Joyful Noise At Make Music New York 2014

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