Ted Nugent uses slur "Japs" at Tea Party rally

And absolutely nobody is surprised.

This is not at all surprising, but still completely unacceptable. During a recent appearance at a Tea Party event in Wyoming, musician, NRA spokesman and general outspoken asshole Ted Nugent used the derogatory term "Japs" while talking about how America has changed since World War II.

NRA's Ted Nugent Uses Racial Slur For Japanese While Speaking In Front Of Tea Party Crowd

At a rally hosted by the Big Horn Basin Tea Party, Nugent expressed his belief that the government had "turned on us," and referred to a supposedly better time in our nation's history, when "the universally celebrated good of America crushed the universally understood evil of Japs and Nazis."

Media Matters has the video:

NUGENT: I know I'm speaking your language. I know nothing I've said surprises you except maybe the insane depth of this self-inflicted curse of apathy. We have bent over since World War II because we couldn't believe that good -- the universally celebrated good of America crushed the universally understood evil of Japs and Nazis. We couldn't believe that that government that represented us in good over evil could possibly turn on us. They've turned on us. They've literally turned on us, ranchers being arrested because of gerbils on their range or some families arrested because the EPA claims they are building a barn on a wetland where for 200 years of satellite documentation, no moisture.

Yes, "Jap" was the term America was using to describe the enemy back during World War II, but it has since been recognized as a racial slur. Hell, it was racist back then. But that doesn't really seem to matter to Nugent, nor to the crowd that gathered to hear him speak, over this or his urging of men to "fix or replace" their wives. Again, this is completely unsurprising, given Nugent's long history of inflammatory bullshit.

Please stop handing this guy the microphone.

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