Far East Movement returns to their roots with 'K-Town Riot' EP

Globetrotting electro-rap group's new mini-album is dedicated to their Koreatown community.

It's been a minute, but Far East Movement is back. The Los Angeles electro-rap group has dropped its latest record K-Town Riot EP. And it kicks some ass. Definitely a harder sound than they're typically known for. Kev Nish, Prohgress, J-Splif and DJ Virman have dedicated this six-track mini-album to the city and community that made them who they are. According to FM, "We're proud to see how the community has grown and inspires us to grow as artists and people."

Just in time for Halloween, here's the official music video for "Bang It To The Curb":

And here's their music video for "The Illest," reppin' Koreatown hard:

Far East Movement has also paired the release of K-Town Riot with a five-minute mini-documentary of the same name. The video explores the 1992 Los Angeles uprising through first-hand accounts from people who were on the ground, as well as some of Koreatown's usual suspects. Check it out:

The group has plans to follow this one up with a second mini-documentary that shows a more lighter side of Koreatown and how the neighborhood has grown. Looking forward to seeing it.

K-Town Riot is available on iTunes. For further information on Far East Movement and their music, head over to the group's official website and follow updates on their Facebook page.

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