ABC is getting America ready for 'Fresh Off The Boat'

Meet the Huangs.

Getting excited for Fresh Off The Boat? The new Asian American family sitcom, based on memoir by Eddie Huang, premieres next month on ABC. In the meantime, the network's hype machine has started.

If you've been watching the tube lately, you may have caught a promo or two introducing us to television's newest comedy clan. It's like ABC is trying to prepare white folks to see actual Asian people on TV. Here are a couple of videos, in case you missed them:

"Call me Eddie."

"Meet the Huangs."

"If you've ever been the new kid at school..."

"The New American Dream."

"Meet Eddie Huang."

"Meet Jessica Huang."

Bonus: you know you've made it when your face is on a bus shelter:

Fresh Off The Boat premieres Tuesday, February 4, with a special double airing before and after Modern Family. Then it will settle into its regular timeslot on Wednesday, February 10. Looking forward to it.

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