Vietnam War-inspired clothing line includes racist caricature

Mister Freedom's "Saigon Cowboy" collection is some serious bullshit.

You've got to kidding me. Behold, Mister Freedom is the latest designer clothing line to peddle racist bullshit in the guise of fashion. Its recently unveiled Summer/Spring 2015 collection, entitled "Saigon Cowboy" -- oh, you already know where this is going -- is inspired by the f*cking Vietnam War, of all things.

One of collection's pieces includes a jacket -- ahem, excuse me, a "Party Jacket" -- adorned with a patch featuring a straight-up racist Asian caricature for something called the "Mekong Delta Social Club" -- just like some shit the troops used to wear! Perfect apparel for annihilating little yellow men in the jungle.

The super-casual racism of this is kind of amazing. Somebody watched Full Metal Jacket too many times.

This close-up photo of the "Party Jacket" patch was posted on the Mister Freedom Facebook page, accompanied with this message: "Things might not always be PC or tasteful, but we believe keeping a sense of humor helps swallow the pill of Life. Je suis Victor Charly." I'm sorry, but fuck that.

And if you're one of the terrible people who would actually pay money to purchase and wear these clothes? Get the hell away. If I see you wearing this asshole jacket, there's a decent chance I will kick you in the balls.

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