Oh No! A turbaned, bearded Sikh dude is appearing across Facebook timelines talking about the Like feature. God save America!

Guest Post by Vishavjit Singh


Having the first black president has not settled well with the digestive tracks of many a folks in this great union of ours. And now with the overlords at Facebook deciding to feature me, a turbaned and bearded American in one of its 30 second newsfeed tips spot, it is creating a rumble in the mental bowels of some folks across the social network. The ad first ran in November last year and now is doing expanded rounds of timelines across the U.S.

There is no instant cure for these maladies. Passage of time with repetitive dose of reality is the best prescriptive course.

I am taking the extra step to intervene with 20 of these fellow Americans who spoke their mind in response to my countenance.

May this serve as a mental balm to the sporadic outbreaks of visceral ailments.

Paul I believe in trying to be an exceptional not just average American. Its not easy but I am trying my damn best to be one in my DNA spiral beard, turban and you ain't going to see my towel coming off unless I take a selfie in my bathroom.

Jeff sounds like you are watching too much of FOX news.

Neil please do leave Facebook. You will be doing yourself a big favor. Go for long walks, watch the sunset, spend some extra time with family, serve free meals to the homeless, extend gratitude for the all good things in your life. You will not miss Facebook in the least bit.

Keith its all about perspective. Some might see that thing on your head as a rag. With that perspective your statement might just be true.

Shall I call you Walter? Thomas? Mr. Kennedy? Mr Moore? Appu really? You might need a trip to the optometrist.

Ramon I am glad you are aware of what you are not. That demonstrates some control over your faculties.

Mark I like to call them whiskers, my antennas to pick up energy patterns. Looks like you have some too but they are clipped. Try growing them long like uncle Santa Claus.

Yes, Erica, of all the people I was selected. Isn't it amazing how diverse we come here in America.

We will all die one day Michael. And we are all Infidel from someone else's view point.

Honestly, nothing particularly striking about this video but I do stand out, adding a little spice to your visual world.

No. We did arrest one recently in North Carolina for the killing of 3 students.

DJ, your English and heart are both broken and I am really Sikh.

Lars, I really don't plan to go hell. I might not be a dog lover but I love most of the species in the animal kingdom. I think pigs are the cutest, elephants quite emotional, crows rather smart, horses a little majestic, I can go on for a while. But it's the human species in the animal kingdom that we need to worry about. We are the only ones that have created the poison of hate.

Emily, I come from the land known as the United States of America born in the nation's capital, Washington DC. We do have more than our share of pedophiles who have inflicted horrible injuries to children. Let's hope we can find all of them before they hurt another child.

I Vish.

Carlos, I do prepare some kick ass curry dishes but I just don’t know enough about you to even entertain the idea of inviting you within the perimeter of my guardian angels.

Arthur, these icons are completely harmless. It's the seven-pound explosive device under that thick skull of ours known as the brain that can be explosive. So be careful how you use it.

Unless its 100% cotton

Michael, Facebook bows to the social network with user base numbers, ad revenues and the mighty dollar. You are making your contribution to their coffers. Enjoy your Facebook experience!

OMG I would love a magic carpet. Just imagine how easy my travels would become. I could show up in an instant on the main downtown street in your town in my Captain America uniform. My dream of the 50 states journey in my Captain America alter-ego will become so much easier to accomplish.

Finally a prescription that might ease some of the pain as the long term healing process settles in.

Visit Sikhtoons.com to learn about my Captain America journey, turbaned cartoon art, superhero cartoon workshops and much more.

Vishavjit Singh is the nation's first and only turbaned/bearded editorial cartoonist. He got his spark for cartooning following the upheaval filled days after 9/11. He brings turbanful characters to life on the 2-D pages of his computer aided by his right indexed finger on a touchpad. His works can be consumed at Sikhtoons.com and follow him @sikhtoons

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