Say what's on your heart with #MuslimVDay cards.

For love in the time of a racialized, islamophobia-ridden America.

Hallmark can suck it. For the fourth year running, my good friend writer/artist Taz Ahmed is back with another set of her awesome #MuslimVDay Cards, snarky sentiments for Valentine's Day conveying "the exact emotions you feel of love in the time of a racialized, islamophobia-ridden America."

Taz started the #MuslimVDay cards in 2011 as a personal counterculture art project, intended as a lighthearted answer to Islamophobia and the confining stereotypes that trail her as a Muslim woman in the post-9/11 era. They were an instant hit, taking the internet "like drones dropping bombs" -- her words, not mine.

The 2015 series includes six cards printed on 4.25 x 5.5 postcard size cardstock. Each card is full-colored, and is numbered, signed and dated, with a limited print of 100 cards per image. Order your set at Etsy.

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