"I Want My Fast Food Made by a White Person!"

Australian fast food customer's racist tirade caught on video.

Here's another one that comes to us from Australia. What is it with people getting their racist shit caught on camera in the land down under? It seems to happen a lot. This one happened at a fast food restaurant.

In Adelaide, a customer at Hungry Jacks (the Australian subsidiary of Burger King) was arrested for disorderly behavior after going off on an abusive, racist tirade directed at an Asian employee.

Police charge man, 19, with disorderly behaviour over racist attack against Hungry Jack's staff

The incident was caught on video. After placing his order, the customer can be heard demanding, "I want it made by a white person," and then saying, "I refuse it." When staff asks him to leave the restaurant, he screams, "At least I'm born here c---. Where do you come from, f---ing Africa and Asia? Disgusting."

As you can see, the man was confronted by other customers and escorted out of the restaurant. However, his tirade continued on the street outside the restaurant. This is clearly not even about the burger anymore.

South Australian Police, responding to calls from the restaurant, eventually caught up with the man not long after the incident on Friday night. The 19-year-old man was arrested and charged with disorderly behavior.

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