This Week's Angriest Posts

Not necessarily the angriest, just the most viewed.

1. Sikh kid films bullying classmates call him "terrorist"
Just another day on the school bus for too many kids.

2. "I Want My Fast Food Made by a White Person!"
Australian fast food customer's racist tirade caught on video.

3. Who the hell calls their restaurant "Chop Chop Chinaman"?
Chicago woman arrested for defacing racist restaurant sign.

4. School takes disciplinary action over bus bullying video
But they're not calling it bullying. It's apparently just "name-calling."

5. Ken Jeong shares about his family's struggles with cancer
Actor found out his wife had breast cancer when he started shooting 'The Hangover.'

6. Meet the four white dudes who call themselves "Viet Cong"
Oberlin College cancels show over Canadian band's controversial name.

7. Patsy Mink should replace Andrew Jackson on the $20 bill
Isn't it time to put a woman's face on our paper currency?

8. Aziz Ansari gives props to his badass immigrant parents
New standup special 'Live at Madison Square Garden' premieres March 6 on Netflix.

9. Victims' families file lawsuit over Isla Vista killings
Parents of slain roommates say Elliot Rodger's deadly rampage could have been prevented.

10. Angry Asian America Ep. 13: Ask Randall Park
Special 'Fresh Off The Boat' edition with co-host Jenny Yang and guest Randall Park

Stay Angry, my friends.

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