'Awkwafina's NYC' is the only guide you need to New York City

"I promise there isn't any boring tourist shit in here."

Rocking those oversized fresh frames, bringing that DGAF attitude and dropping hilarious verses about everything from her ladyparts to flu shots to Janet Reno, Brooklyn rapper Nora Lum, aka Awkwafina, is the unofficial comedy rhyme laureate of New York City. So it only makes sense that she'd expand her growing urban empire with a new book, Awkwafina's NYC.

Awkwafina wrote a collection of ten amazing walking tours around New York City, with a cover that boasts 10 fold-out maps, 50+ places to get your eat or drink on, 10 places to pee, and the author's promise that "there isn't any boring tourist shit in here." Want to know where to get the best dumplings in Flushing? A $2 cup of vodka in Brighton Beach? Awkwafina's got you covered.

Walking shoes? Check. Metrocard? Check. Sombrero? (Just a suggestion.)


Let Awkwafina -- the Queens-born rap artist of "NYC Bitches" fame -- be your guide to the hidden gems of New York City (natives, we're talking to you, too.) with 10 walking tour adventures that you don't need a trust fund to enjoy. Travel back in time exploring revolutionary-era Tottenville or Louis Armstrong's house in Corona. Gorge yourself on the haute-cuisine of the street-savvy, from authentic pierogi in Little Poland to steam dumplings in Flushing. Roll with Awkwafina, and she'll show you the neighborhoods you never knew you were missing (and a few you were missing the point of).

About the Author

Awkwafina's "government name" is Nora Lum. A rapper since post-adolescence, she is also the host of Astronaut’s Wanted: Tawk with Awkafina and a cast member of MTV’s Girl Code. She has been featured in New York, The Daily Beast, Gothamist, Jezebel, Gawker, Hairpin, HelloGiggles.com, and Bust. She lives in Brooklyn.

"This book is really, really fucking good. You should buy a copy." - Awkwafina

For more information about Awkwafina, check out her website.

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