Adam WarRock Donation Drive 2015

Support an independent artist making overly enthusiastic hip hop.

Our friend Eugene Ahn makes cool, fun, smart, geeky hip hop as emcee Adam WarRock, regularly churning really great music and making it available for free to all on his website. Once a year, he opens up the donation jar and asks folks to pitch in to support his art and all that free content. So it's that time of year again.

For the fifth annual Adam Warrock Donation Drive, all donors who give any amount of money will receive the following rewards, as explained by Eugene:

1. Exclusive Donation Drive mixtape
An all-new, all original mixtape album of exclusive music. I save some of the best tracks for this album every year. It will include the preview song above, “W.W.W.W.D.”

2. Exclusive Mikal kHill Remix album
An album remixing some of the more popular free tracks I've released on this website, by collaborator and fellow nerd emcee, Mikal kHill.

3. BOOM! Studios Digital Comics Sampler
Very excited to offer all donors a BOOM! Studios digital comics sampler, featuring digital issues of some of the best comics that the great BOOM! Studios has to offer. Check out their lineup!

4. Donation Drive Goal: Support to Another Indie Artist
Additionally, this year, if I surpass my previous best of 750 donors, all proceeds raised past that point will be donated to an indie artist of the audience's choosing. Submit any suggestions to adamwarrockmixtape(at)gmail.com, and if we can hit the goal, I'll drop a nice donation into their kickstarter/patreon/paypal/whatever, and spread the love in the hopes that more artists can keep making great web content for you.

Support an independent artist, and get some nifty exclusive content too! That's in addition to the all the free online music Adam WarRock makes available throughout the year. I donated. And you can donate too, via PayPal. For further information about Adam WarRock and the donation drive, head over to his website.


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