American Pathology: A Cartoon by Vishavjit Singh

#charlestonshooting #domesticterrorism

Artist's Statement:

The tragedy in Charleston, South Carolina is troubling enough, but in many ways what has been revealed and transpired since as a response is indicative of a deeper malady. As a cartoonist, there are so many threads to catch on here and beat on a culprit, be it the perpetrator, right wingers, supremacist groups, political forces............ But ultimately it is our collective pathology to acknowledge, recognize and ultimately heal.

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Vishavjit Singh is the nation's first and only turbaned/bearded editorial cartoonist. He got his spark for cartooning following the upheaval filled days after 9/11. He brings turbanful characters to life on the 2-D pages of his computer aided by his right indexed finger on a touchpad. His works can be consumed at Sikhtoons.com.


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