Angry Asian America: More Asians on TV?!

We got renewed! We kick off season two of our talk show on ISAtv.

What's up, YouTube watchers! We're back! I am pleased to present the premiere of season two of Angry Asian America, our talk show on ISAtv. We got renewed! In this episode, shot from our brand new set, co-host Jenny Yang and I talk about Asian Americans on television -- a look back at the inaugural season of Fresh Off The Boat and some initial thoughts on the upcoming sitcom Dr. Ken.

Check it out:

We're coming off a pretty historic season for diversity of television, but there's still a long way to go, and hopefully this is just the beginning. As a lifelong TV fanatic, I'm lookin forward to see what the future holds.

This episode is just one of many great shows in ISAtv's new slate of programming. Check out this trailer:

Big thanks to ISAtv for giving us this platform. Huge thanks to our awesome crew for helping to put this episode together. And thank you, good people of the internet, for watching. To see past episodes, and to catch new ones when they drop, be sure to subscribe to ISAtv on YouTube.


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