See Kristina Wong in The Wong Street Journal

World premiere of new solo theater show, June 17-21 in San Francisco

Hey, San Francisco! Performance artist and comedian Kristina Wong invites you to the world premiere of her new solo theater work The Wong Street Journal. Described as "part plushy TED lecture, part amateur hip-hop extravaganza, and part travelogue," Kristina uses her special brand of humor to tackle some pretty big ideas. It's happening June 17-21 at Z Below in San Francisco.

Here are some details about the show:

Kristina Wong's The Wong Street Journal

June 17-21

Z Below
470 Florida St.
San Francisco CA 94110

THE WONG STREET JOURNAL, a new solo theater work written and performed by performance artist and comedian Kristina Wong. Part plushy TED lecture, part amateur hip-hop extravaganza, and part travelogue, The Wong Street Journal breaks down the complexities of global poverty, privilege and economic theory using uneasy-to-read charts, live hashtag wars, and riveting slideshows from post-conflict Northern Uganda. Wong tells the story of how she as a not-so-white savior, became a hip hop star in Northern Uganda.

Wong combines self-skewering personal narrative with a hilarious interrogation of America's legacy on the rest of the world. All of this plays against an all felt version of the New York Stock Exchange that Wong sewed with her own hands.

"With her punchy brand of humor, Kristina Wong takes aim at what most people don't acknowledge." -- LA TIMES

Word on the street is, the show is sold out! But if you're resourceful and a little bit tenacious, there's a solid chance you can pick up tickets on standby. For further information about the show, refer to Facebook.


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