New Jersey man arrested in hate crime assault

24-year-old Nyle Kilgore is believed to be behind a string of attacks on Indian residents in North Brunswick.

In New Jersey, police say a man arrested and charged last week for assaulting an Indian man may be responsible for a recent string of violent bias attacks on men of Indian descent in the North Brunswick area.

NJ Man Found on Road, Bleeding from Head, in Apparent Bias Attack: Police

24-year-old Nyle Kilgore was arrested Wednesday after 57-year-old Rohit Patel was found lying on the side of the road, bleeding from his head. Kilgore apparently got out of his car, followed Patel, then knocked him out with a blow to the head. Patel suffered broken teeth and received stitches on his mouth and forehead.

Police say Kilgore targeted Patel because he is Indian.

"My dad is a very fragile, innocent man who was just on his daily walk," said Dipen Patel. "What went through your mind to see him and actually want to cause him pain?"

Patel's son took Sanchez back to the sidewalk on Hartland Commons, where his father was jumped on Wednesday afternoon.

"He realizes there's a car that's stopped, keeps walking, and he realizes someone gets out of the car," Dipen said.

Patel said that someone followed him for less than a minute before knocking him out with a blow to the head.

Kilgore was located and charged with bias intimidation and aggravated assault. According to police, he matches the description of the assailant behind similar "random and sporadic assaults" recently reported in North Brunswick's Governor's Point and Colony Oaks neighborhoods.

All of the victims have been residents of Indian descent.

Police believe there may be other victims who have not reported attacks. Victims or anyone with information about these incidents are being asked to call the detective bureau at 732-247-0922, extension 420.

Meanwhile, Kilgore is out on bail, leaving many residents feeling uneasy and unsafe.

"How is it that a man who has continuously committed hate crimes in our town is allowed to roam the streets of our town and have the opportunity to carry on with his violent agenda?" said Rohit's son Dipen.

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