Ali Wong is seven months pregnant. And shooting her first 1-hour standup comedy special.

Friday, September 25 at The Neptune Theater in Seattle

Hey, Seattle! Want to see some awesome comedy? Our friend Ali Wong is a standup comic who has performed on The Tonight Show, Comedy Central and Late Night with Seth Meyers, and is currently on the writing staff of ABC's Fresh Off The Boat. She will be shooting her first one-hour comedy special at The Neptune Theater this Friday, September 25. Also, she's seven months pregnant. It's gonna be good!

Comedy TV Special

Friday, September 25th

The Neptune Theater
1303 NE 45th St.
Seattle, WA

Ali Wong is a stand-up comic currently writing on ABC's Fresh Off the Boat. She has performed on The Tonight Show, Comedy Central, Late Night with Seth Meyers and is now taping her first 1-hour special at the Neptune, 7 months pregnant. She will be the first comic ever to do so! Don't miss her tear down the house in her first One Hour Special.

Ali is apparently the first comic to ever to perform at the Neptune while pregnant. So it's historic! Sort of. Go here to get free tickets to the taping. And for more information about Ali, head over to her website.

Totally not kidding about the pregnant thing.


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