First Look at 'Fresh Off The Boat' Season Two

The Huangs pack their bags for a family vacation.

The Huang clan is back. After a landmark fun first season, Fresh Off The Boat returns to the airwaves this month. So how did Eddie spend his summer vacation? In this promo for the season two premiere, the Huangs pack their bags and load up the minivan for a family vacation... to Gator World!

Behold the sight of Lucille Soong, aka Grandma Huang, on a full-speed roller coaster:

In an interview with EW, showrunner Nahnathka Khan says the series will continue to explore what's it's like for a first-generation immigrant family to experience all that America has to offer, including something as simple as going on a family vacation.

A first-generation kid herself -- her parents were born in Iran — Khan says that the concept of family vacations was foreign to her growing up. "My family never took vacations growing up. It just wasn't a thing. It's something that's almost taken for granted in sitcoms about white families," says Khan. "Like, 'Oh, we’re going on a summer vacation!' As if that’s something that everybody does."

It’s by taking these familiar subjects -- even something as seemingly benign as a family vacation -- and viewing them through a specific lens that we can understand the Huang family, says Khan, and what it means to be different. And, apparently, how to escape interactions with really intense theme park employees as unscathed as possible.

Season two of Fresh Off The Boat premieres Tuesday, September 22 on ABC.


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