Casting Call: Seeking Asian actors for 'Ready Player One'

Directed by Steven Spielberg, based on the book by Ernest Cline.

Got this casting call passed along to me for the upcoming Warner Bros. film Ready Player One. Directed by Steven Spielberg and based on the book by Ernest Cline, the thriller is about a kid on a high-stakes treasure hunt competition through a virtual reality world created in a society that obsesses about 1980s pop culture.

They're seeking actors for the movie's teenage hero Wade Watts, as well as a couple of supporting roles that specifically call for performers of Asian descent, including Shoto, a 10 to 13-year-old Chinese male who speaks fluent Mandarin and English fluently and is described as "hip and knowing for his age"; and Daito, a 20-year-old Japanese male who speaks Japanese and English fluently.

Here's the breakdown:


WADE WATTS: 18-19 yrs old, male, clean cut with a sense of humor, overweight or underweight. A sincere and passionate player in the Oasis. Not the most confident guy outside the Oasis, but Wade gains boldness & nerve as his worlds collide. He uses his skills & the support of his friends to rise above each challenge.

SHOTO: 10-13 yrs old, male, to play Chinese, hip & knowing for his age. He speaks MANDARIN AND English FLUENTLY. Wade's friend in the Oasis who joins with him to complete the competition. Please note: Actor should be bilingual: Mandarin and English (Applications must be submitted by parent or legal guardian if applicant is under 18 years of age).

DAITO: 20 yrs old, male, to play Japanese. Speaks JAPANESE AND English FLUENTLY. One of Wade's friends in the Oasis who joins with him to complete the competition. Please note: Actor should be bilingual: Japanese and English.


Auditions are open to anyone worldwide that fits the descriptions above.

1. Following the steps to the right under To Submit Online, Download the instructions/sides for the role you are auditioning for: Wade Watts, Shoto, or Daito.
2. Film your audition & You can do this with a smartphone, computer, or video camera.
3. Return to this page and then select one of the options to the right: I'm New To Cast It Talent or I'm A Cast It Talent Member, complete the audition form, and upload your video.

It's that easy!

The submissions deadline is February 9. Ready Player One is reportedly scheduled to start shooting this summer for a December 2017 release. For further information on how to submit, follow the steps at readyplayeronemoviecasting.com. Good luck.

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