If The Walking Dead was a Netflix true crime series...

The Walking Dead Twitter trolls fans with a parody image of Making a Murderer.

This will only be amusing to fans of both The Walking Dead and Making a Murderer.

The Walking Dead official Twitter account -- for the comic book, not the TV show -- tweeted out this parody image mashing up Steven Yeun from the hit AMC zombie drama with the key art for Netflix's hotly buzzed true-crime docu-series about the Teresa Halbach murder case and the trial of Steven Avery.

The image, tweeted with the caption "If Season 6 of The Walking dead were on Netflix..." is an allusion to the apparent death of Yeun's character Glenn at the hands of the undead, the ensuing frustrating month-long fan speculation over whether or not he actually died, and eventual reveal that he had survived.

Well, played. Die-hard fans of The Walking Dead should know that we're not quite out of the woods, in term's of Glenn's fate. The second half of season six will finally introduce the notorious Negan, the character who brutally kills Glenn in the comic book. Story-wise, the show and comic book series have diverged and overlapped in a lot of different, so there's no knowing how this could play out for Glenn. But dammit, I will be watching with bated breath.

Season six of The Walking Dead resumes on February 14 on AMC.


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