Dutch pranksters throw baby formula on random Asians

And now, feel the wrath of Chinese netizens.

Some racist bullshit out of the Netherlands, where some YouTubers filmed a prank video in which they throw cans of powdered baby formula over unsuspecting Asian people on the street.

“Racist”: Youths sorry for throwing baby formula at Chinese people

In the video, the young Dutch assholes behind the YouTube channel Vatos Locos Pranks can be seen walking up to Asians on the street in Amsterdam and asking, "Do you want some milk powder?"

He then tosses the entire container full of baby powder on them and runs away.

The prank is a reference to the current trend of middle-class Chinese parents buying up large tocks of baby formula from other countries, including the Netherlands, due to widespread distrust in local product following a series of scandals involving tainted baby formula.

Last November, two Chinese buyers made headlines after they were seen trading blows in front of a Dutch supermarket, brawling over baby powder. The video went viral.

Which brings us to these dickhead YouTube guys targeting random Asians on the street with their powder prank. Since the original video was uploaded, they've received a flood of international criticism. The two pranksters have since apologized on Facebook and removed from the video from their page. Too late.

Never draw the ire of Chinese netizens.

But better yet, how about thinking twice before coming up with such ridiculously asinine, racist pranks?

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