KKK flyers distributed to homes in Anaheim

Hate fliers found in front yards on Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

Well, that's a shitty thing to find on your lawn. Flyers purporting to be from the Ku Klux Klan were found in the front yards of at least twenty residences in Anaheim on Monday -- Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

Some Anaheim Residents Disturbed By Fliers Linked To KKK

The flyers, which were placed in plastic bags along with a rock and a treat, such as a lollipop, contained a message from the KKK and a phone number (with a North Carolina area code) for the organization. Because everybody knows that a racist's most powerful recruiting tool is a sucker.

Here are some images of the flier, courtesy of OC Weekly:

This apparently isn't first time such literature has been distributed in Orange County. Since 2014, similar hate flyers have been discovered in yards in Fullerton, Santa Ana and Orange.

According to Anaheim police, it's not illegal to distribute hate flyers, but they're asking others who have also come across them to come forward. I'm sure residents have to be wondering, "Who's the racist on my street?"

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