Lakers fan realizes the Lakers suck, becomes Warriors fan mid-game

Cameras catch fan switching jerseys during Lakers' blowout loss to Golden State.

Geez. Could this be the ultimate bandwagon fan?

On Tuesday, the defending-champion Golden State Warriors were in Los Angeles to hand the Lakers a 109-88 defeat at the Staples Center. Considering the current state of both teams, this outcome wasn't a big surprise.

But check out this guy. During Tuesday night's broadcast of the game, as it became clear that the Lakers were losing in a blowout, the camera caught one basketball fan in the act of switching allegiances. He is seen pulling out a Golden State jersey to wear over his Lakers jersey.

Somebody watching, of course, clipped it and posted the video on social media:

So many questions. Is he really a Warriors fan who, in concern for his safety, wore a Lakers jersey to the Staples Center, but was later emboldened by Golden State's lead to show his true colors? Or is he a frustrated Lakers fan who suddenly realized his team sucks and decided, in that fateful moment, to jump ship?

Whatever the case, clearly, this is a guy who only roots for winners.

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