Southwest University's Super Bowl ad promises 'Happy Ending'

Texas college's commercial, which aired during the big game, was set in an Asian massage parlor.

Oh hell no. There were a lot of lousy commercials than ran during Super Bowl Sunday, but this local ad for Southwest University, set in an Asian massage parlor, easily has to be one of the worst.

The one-minute spot features two loser white dudes getting their backs rubbed at a massage parlor. Lanterns, dragons, gongs, wind flutes, all that garbage. The guys complain that carrying around textbooks has done a number on their backs. Meanwhile, the masseuses converse in Mandarin -- white people are always very concerned that we Asians are talking shit about them in our secret language -- suggesting that these idiots should have gone to Southwest, where you don't have to lug around books because everything's on an iPad.

And then the ad ends with the declaration: "Southwest University. HAPPY ENDING INCLUDED." Classy.

Southwest proudly posted the commercial on its Facebook page on Sunday night. But I'm guessing the ad generated a lot of negative feedback, because the video has since been removed without a trace.

As far as I can tell, the ad only aired in the El Paso area, where Southwest University is located. If anyone out there in internetland has a copy of the video, or maybe you're in the El Paso area and you still have the Super Bowl broadcast on your DVR, please share the video for all to see. Don't let it get buried.

You have to hand it to the college that uses blatant racism, sexism and xenophobia in its advertising to recruit new students. You also have to wonder about someone who sees a commercial like this and actually says, "Hey, that sounds like the school for me!" You can have them, Southwest.


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