This White Guy can't handle the Racist Sexist Improv Class

"A sword collection? Really? Your yellow fever is getting out of control, man."

People of color doing the Hollywood hustle know the struggle. If you've attended an improv class, or an acting workshop, or sketch comedy thing or whatever, it's likely you've encountered a fair share of racist and/or sexist bullshit, as well as some ridiculously dismissive weak-ass excuses for why it's not racist and/or sexist bullshit -- usually from a room of mostly white dudes. In this amazing YouTube sketch, Anna Akana flips the tables.

This is ferociously brilliant. Take a look:

This video featured the talents of a cavalcade of awesome, funny Asian American performers, including Anna Akana, Jenny Yang, Joy Regullano, Atsuko Okatsuka, Aiko Tanaka, Cynthia Kao, Teresa Lee, Tammy Vo, Lizz Adams, Try Leong, and the incomparable Suzy Nakamura. Oh, and Brad Gage as the white guy.

(Do yourself a favor and avoid the YouTube comments -- it's a cesspool of ignorant shit.)

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