Steven Yeun and Conan O'Brien went to Korea and made a K-pop music video

And other epic Korean adventures.

As you may have heard, late night talk show host Conan O'Brien recently took a trip to South Korea after receiving a nice letter and box of snacks -- let's be real, no one can say no to Korean snacks -- from his number one Korean fan. The resulting show aired on Saturday night, and it's an epic adventure featuring food, martial arts, video games, k-pop, terrible pronunciation, Steven Yeun and the Demilitarized Zone.

Here are some highlights from Conan's trip to the Land of the Morning Calm:

Conan's Rock Star Airport Reception In Korea
Thanks to fan Sunny Lee and a box of snacks, Conan takes his show to Korea and get mobbed at the Seoul airport.

Conan Learns Korean And Makes It Weird
Conan’s suffering Korean instructor Jin Shil tries her best to teach him her language, but Conan is too pervy to learn properly.

Conan Visits Noryangjin Fish Market
Conan and his Korean teacher Jin Shil drop into Seoul's famous seafood bazaar and come away with a new friend, Samuel The Octopus.

Conan Guest Stars In A Korean Soap Opera

Conan makes a cameo on One More Happy Ending but absolutely butchers his lines to co-star Jang Na-ra.

Conan Checks Out A PC Bang

Conan plays "StarCraft" and "Sudden Attack" at a Seoul gaming cafĂ© and samples some of Korea’s finest squid and silkworm snacks.

Conan Becomes A Tae Kwon Do Master

Thanks to Master Sung and the other students at Kukkiwon Tae Kwon Do Headquarters, Conan is ready to take on his most fearsome nemesis: Jordan Schlansky.

Conan & Steven Yeun Enjoy A Traditional Korean Meal

After winning a Brownie stuffed animal for a young friend, Steven and Conan dine on a traditional Korean meal of... um, rice? Maybe fish cakes or something?

Conan & Steven Yeun Visit A Buddhist Temple

Conan is looking to attain perfect enlightenment at the Bokwangsa Buddhist Temple but the noise from the wind chimes and the monk's cell phone make it kinda hard.

Conan Stars In North Korea's First Late Night Talk Show

Live from the DMZ, Conan welcomes Steven Yeun. Plus, a special appearance by Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un and a guard wearing sunglasses indoors.

Conan & Steven Yeun's K-Pop Music Video

Conan and Steven team up with J.Y. Park & a pack of K-pop superstars for "Fire."

To be honest, for a trip to Korea, there was not nearly enough alcohol involved. Next time, Conan.


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