Trump channels Buddha in deeply felt letter to America

Guest Post by Vishavjit Singh

Dear America,

We live in a time of tremendous upheaval and tumult in this great nation of ours. Jobs are gone, illegal immigration is exhausting our resources, Islamic terrorism is blowing our minds away, Barack Hussein Obama has been in power for almost 8 years. I can go on and on.

At this time, I appeared on the scene not to divide America but to unite it.

The only way I know we can do this is to be in the moment. To be spontaneous. To be transparent. To be a mirror unto ourselves. To be honest with our own selves. To lay bare all our emotions. To strip off our masks.

Only then we can work towards bringing a Huuuuuuuge positive change. A quiet revolution.

So I have gone about to say things about Muslims, Mexicans, Hillary, Khans, BLM, Jews, women, democrats, republicans, essentially everyone to prompt an extrication of all the pent up emotional energy. I have broken down all the societal, cultural, political corrective norms to give voice to our real self.

People call it racism, bigotry, intolerance, fascism, jingoism....... I call it our true selves. This is who we are.

As the Buddha said, "Holding onto anger is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die."

Only by exposing and realizing our true essence can we bring about meaningful change.

I know I have said Bible is my most favorite book. But let me be honest. Buddha's way of life has touched my soul in ways you cannot even comprehend.

I have a fat Buddha statue sitting on my desk whose belly I have been rubbing for health, wealth and Happiness. All of which I possess.

The critical next step is knowing what to do with all this lava of emotions. We have to build things. First has to be walls around our own selves to protect from harmful vibes. As a physical extension walls around our borders to protect against harmful aliens. There is so much more to build. Our economy, new trade deals, infrastructure, jobs, global image.

Some say I have a thin skin and respond to every personal barb. But it is through years of meditative practice I have built vocal powers to fend off any attacks on my personal self. I intend to impart on all of you these powers.

So my fellow denizens of this great Union now that we have exposed our true selves in all its grimiest of details it's time to heal, build and expand our horizons.

The only way to do that is to vote for me on November 8th. Only then I can reveal my 7 step resurrection plan to Make America Great Again.

Your incredibly transformative Donald Trump.

Vishavjit Singh is a turbaned and bearded cartoonist, writer, speaker, performance artist and activist who travels the US sharing his life story via illustrations, hosting cartoon workshops, moderating stereotypes panels at times calling upon on his Captain America alter-ego to tackle snap judgements, intolerance and racism. He is the creator of Sikhtoons.com and can be followed @sikhtoons handle on social media.

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