Newspaper runs obituary for Glenn of 'The Walking Dead'

"His bravery in the face of both the Undead and the Brutal Living inspired all who knew him."

By now, if you didn't watch Sunday night's shocking season premiere of The Walking Dead, the internet has already surely somehow spoiled it for you within the last 48 hours. So... there's no way to share this without revealing that one of the hit zombie drama's beloved, fan-favorite characters, Glenn, did indeed die. It was brutal, it was gruesome, and it was deeply upsetting. People are going to be talking about this one for a while.

And people are mourning Glenn Rhee, played by Steven Yeun for six seasons. One Walking Dead fan, paying homage to the fallen hero, wrote an faux obituary (fauxbituary?) for the Batesville Daily Guard, based in Batesville, Arkansas. The piece, which ran in Tuesday's print edition, praised the former pizza deliveryman for his "impeccable moral grounding" and "bravery in the face of both the Undead and the Brutal Living."

The obituary reads:

Glenn Rhee, husband, father-to-be, warrior and friend departed from this world October 23rd. He was 32.

Born and raised in Michigan to Korean immigrant parents, he settled in Atlanta to undertake his career of delivering pizzas and brightening the world around him until the unthinkable happened -- the Walker Apocalypse. It was then that the real Glenn emerged: a man of impeccable moral grounding and logistical wizardry.

A faithful friend, Glenn spared no personal risk or inconvenience to care for an provide for his adopted Apocalyptic family of survivors. His bravery in the face of both the Undead and the Brutal Living inspired all who knew him. He exhibited top-notch leadership when his leader and mentor was either unavailable or unable to lead, and his commitment to moral principles in a world-gone-mad breathed hope and promise into those around him (who meant him no harm).

He is survived in death by his loving wife Maggie and their unborn child; Rick, Carl and Judith Grimes; Carol Peletier; Daryl Dixon; the Warrior Woman known only as Michonne; and various other adoptive family members and associates that will likely be more memorable in their eventual deaths than they ever were in life.

In lieu of flowers, the family asks that donations of LITERALLY ANYONE WHO CAN HELP THEM DEFEAT NEGAN be made in his memory.

We will have our vengeance, Negan. For now, some people are clearly taking Glenn's death pretty hard.

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