86-year-old Chinatown shopkeeper fights off armed intruder

Elderly store owner used a bamboo stick to beat back a knife-wielding assailant.

File under badass... In San Francisco, an 86-year-old Chinatown store owner successfully fought off an armed intruder, using a bamboo stick to beat back a man who tried to attack him with a knife.

SF Chinatown shopkeeper, 86, fends off intruder with bamboo stick

According to the San Francisco Police Department, 49-year-old Thomas Baker was creating a disturbance inside a Chinatown store on Sunday afternoon. When the shopkeeper tried to get him to leave, Baker responded by punching the elderly man repeatedly in the back of the head.

Then he noticed Baker had a knife in his hand.

His knife was no match for the bamboo stick.

The store owner grabbed a bamboo stick to defend himself -- yes fool, you're damn right elderly Chinatown store owners keep a friggin' bamboo stick within arm's reach -- and struck the intruder several times until he dropped the knife and ran out of the store.

Baker was later arrested and charged with aggravated assault, elder abuse and violating probation.

Police say the store owner sustained a head injury from the attack but refused medical treatment.

Because he's badass.

The reporting makes no mention of the store owner's name or ethnicity. But I'm going to assume he's Chinese, because come on, an 86-year-old shopkeeper who beats down a fool with a bamboo stick has to be Chinese.

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