"The Bigot of Bitter Lake"

North Seattle man assaulted in racist encounter.

A man in north Seattle says he was assaulted on the street by a man who threatened him and told him that his "passport would be taken away," among other things, before punching him in the face.

Marcus Choi says he was walking with his dogs in the Bitter Lake area last week when he was confronted by a man coming out of a Lowes parking lot, yelling at him, getting his face and threatening him.

"He then aggressively put his forehead on mine and said I was going to prison, along with the rest of us" -- meaning us Asians, of course -- "and that my passport would be taken away," Choi said in a Facebook post.

Choi went home, but the incident bothered him, and he just couldn't leave it like that.

"I could have avoided this by simply letting it go, but I don't tolerate racism, especially in my own neighborhood," Choi said. "I came back out to get a picture and video of him."

He returned to confront the man and take his picture, which escalated the situation -- something Choi probably had to expect. The man took a swing at Choi, hitting him in the face and knocking off his glasses.

Choi posted the details of the incident, including a photo and video of his assailant, on Facebook:

Police eventually showed up an hour later, long after the guy had taken off.

Choi is warning folks in the Bitter Lake area to be on the lookout for this man, who he has dubbed "The Bigot of Bitter Lake." He has apparently been spotted in other parts of the neighborhood.

"I don't feel as safe with this guy walking around my neighborhood, and there is probably no legal way to get him to stay away," Choi says. "Sadly, this guy is probably not a priority to the police, so he will continue to terrorize innocent people until he commits a major crime."

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