Real Korean Moms React to "Brad Makes Kimchi"

Let us turn to a trusted source.

If you've ever wanted to see a white dude dressed as Christopher Columbus get slapped in the face with a fistful of kimchi -- really, who hasn't? -- look no further than this great video from Bad Appetite Magazine.

As if that alone wasn't awesome enough, the actual video features a couple of legit Korean moms talking about how to make kimchi. Or rather, offering a few critical thoughts on one guy's kimchi-making technique.

The video, produced by our friend Jenny Yang, is a response to "Brad Makes Kimchi," a recent video by Bon App├ętit, in which a white dude named Brad shows you how to make kimchi. Nothing wrong with a white dude named Brad showing you how to make kimchi, but we definitely didn't need anybody to "de-mystify" it, as he puts it. The Columbus-ing vibe of it all bugged the hell out of a lot of folks.

So let us turn to a trusted source: Korean moms. What do the experts think of Brad and his kimchi?

"Massage? Why is he doing massage?"

Ridicule aside, my favorite part is actually at the end, when the mothers explain why kimchi is special to them, and the personal stories behind the deep-rooted culture and tradition of this dish -- the stuff Brad could never explain, and probably never even bothered to ask. This is who you ask.

No thanks, Brad. I think I'll stick with Mom's recipe.

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